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All the primary care you need for a flat monthly price

Doctors on Taro cut out insurance companies to deliver personalized care directly to you at a fraction of the cost.

Perfect for
the uninsured.

Find local doctors and prices

Not your typical doctors

Doctors on Taro choose to leave insurance companies behind to spend more time with patients like you. Each local doctor sets their own rate, an average of $99 per month. Use Taro to find an experienced doctor who provides you:

In-person or video visits, however many you need
Urgent care — get in same or next day
Quick responses over text, phone, email, or even house calls
Hands-on referrals to specialists, if needed
Unrushed visits, typically 30-60 minutes
Up to 80% off on prescriptions, lab tests, and blood draws
No surprise bills, ever
No copays or insurance mark-ups

Subscribe and get more value

A monthly subscription allows you to see your doctor any time you want, hassle-free. Stop reaching for your insurance card and find a doctor who gives you peace of mind.

1/ Search local doctors and see their monthly price

Each local doctor sets their own rate, an average of $99 per month.

2/ Choose a doctor and book a free meet-and-greet

Your doctor can answer any questions you have about the practice before you commit to joining.

3/ Start your subscription and get primary and urgent care

In-person, video, email, call, or even text — all at no additional charge.

Taro is for the high deductible health plan

With deductible math, you almost always lose — paying for all those visits and procedures is expensive, and costs are impossible to plan. Find a doctor on Taro and leave the headaches behind.

Dr. Jalan Burton from Washington, D.C.

Taro is for the uninsured

Without insurance, health care may feel inaccessible to you right now. Find a doctor on Taro who offers transparent pricing you can afford — no surprise bills or expensive out-of-pocket rates, ever.

Dr. Emily O'Rourke from Chesapeake, VA

Don’t just take our word for it

Meet patients and doctors who are already embracing direct primary care.

“I had to pay out of pocket for pretty much everything. What’s the point? … [This] is actually real health care that’s reliable.”

Cheri, 36
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Dr. Jeffrey Gold from Marblehead, MA

Meet your new doctor

Search direct primary care doctors in your area, explore transparent monthly pricing, and book a free, no-pressure meet-and-greet.

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