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Direct primary care (also known as DPC) is a rapidly growing model of healthcare that cuts out the middlemen and allows the doctor to work directly with the patient.

Not yet familiar with direct primary care? Taro makes it simple. Let’s walk through how it works and why these benefits are all possible.

Dr. Alice Ordonez from Virginia Beach, VA

No surprise bills or “office visit” copays and fees

It’s frustrating to have no idea how much your care will cost, or worse, receive a surprise bill months later. Doctors hate this too!

DPC doctors don’t bill insurance. They charge a simple, transparent price and help you navigate any more complex needs.

Dr. Andrew Anderson from Lynchburg, VA

Same-day or next-day appointments

It’s frustrating to wait weeks to see the doctor, only to get 5 minutes with them in the office. And urgent care centers are so crowded, have long wait-times, and don’t understand your medical history.

DPC doctors have the availability and flexibility to see you around your busy schedule.

Dr. John Diggs from Wilbraham, MA

Call and text your doctor when you need them

It’s frustrating to be put on hold, and then never actually get to speak to your doctor. Or to be forced to go in to the office for something that could be easily handled over the phone.

DPC doctors choose to spend more time with fewer patients, and commit to being accessible via text, phone, or email — whatever is best for you.

Dr. Christina Mutch from Williamsburg, VA

A doctor that has the time to truly listen

It’s frustrating to be whisked through a visit by a doctor who doesn’t have time to listen to you. Doctors hate this too!

DPC doctors work for you, not for the middlemen. They ask questions, listen to your concerns, and invest in getting to know the whole you, so they can deliver personalized, high quality care.

Dr. Vasanth Kainkaryam from South Windsor, CT

Don’t just take our word for it

Meet patients and doctors who are already embracing direct primary care.

“I’m a health insurance agent but I don’t have health insurance... [This] is great and affordable for everybody.”

Dawn, 54
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Dr. Jeffrey Gold from Marblehead, MA

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