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Quality Time

Hundreds of thousands of patients across the country are joining direct primary care practices. They’ve found the perfect match: care when you need it at an affordable price. Read their stories.

Beth from Virginia, 59Read more
What I love about my doctor is that she’s so knowledgeable and always thinks holistically for me... She proactively monitors my symptoms and if I’m not getting better, she’ll adjust my options accordingly. I believe in doctors, and I trust her completely.
Beth's doctor helps her manage chronic conditions by holistically treating the source, not just the symptoms. She found her doctor a few years ago, and has warmly welcomed them into her home and into her family.
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Donny from Massachusetts, 52Read more
A few years ago, I was kicking and screaming in pain. I had a herniated disk and was sure I was headed for surgery. Most doctors probably would have just signed off on it, but my doctor really took the time.... I ended up not needing surgery and feel so much better - all because he took the time to figure out the right holistic solution for me.
Donny is a business owner who is a direct primary care patient himself and uses the DPC model for his business. His employees getter higher quality and more personalized care while reducing costs for his business.
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Ruthie from Massachusetts, 63Read more
The best thing about direct primary care is you really don't need to go to multiple doctors all the time when you have 1 dedicated doctor who knows you well. My DPC doctor is so comprehensive. I'm not just a number to her.
Ruthie and her whole family sees a direct primary care physician because of the incredible care and value. DPC especially helped her mom as she got older and needed help navigating several medical conditions.
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Kelley from Virginia, 41Read more
I was expecting a receptionist to pick up the phone to schedule me weeks or months out. I couldn't believe it was actually the doctor herself speaking to me. She spent 20 minutes of her time to explain the DPC model of care and then offered me a next day appointment for my new patient exam.
Kelley is a mother of 3 who discovered direct primary care after years of being uninsured and feeling lost in the health care system. With the care, attention, and accessibility of her DPC doctor, she's been able to find health and peace of mind.
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Dave from Virginia, 48Read more
I'm so glad we signed up for DPC. Our very first visit with our doc, we needed to take care of a very small cosmetic procedure. She [our DPC doctor] handled it right then and there, during the visit. We were anticipating being referred out and going through this whole long process.
Dave is a realtor who heard about direct primary care years ago. He wanted an easy and affordable health care option that allows him to see a consistent doctor who spends time with him.
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Kate from Massachusetts, 39Read more
Back in 2014, I got really sick and nobody could figure out why. Every doctor I saw would just refer me away or tell me I have anxiety. Nobody had the time. I needed help, and so I found my own wellness journey and began looking for doctors and practitioners who actually listened and thought more holistically.
Kate works in sales and marketing, and had a turning point in 2014. She found her own wellness journey, including a DPC doctor who actually listens and thinks about her holistically.
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Paul from Virginia, 61Read more
The thought of having quick access on a personal basis with the same doctor each time was attractive. It is also very affordable. Since joining a DPC practice, I was surprised at the number of times it's helped.
Paul is a financial advisor who understands unpredictable healthcare costs. He found DPC to be the most affordable, high-value option that actually gets you care when you need it.
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Amanda from Virginia, 34Read more
I actually first met my direct primary care doctor before she opened her practice, when she was working at a traditional medical office.... I was thrilled when I heard she started her own practice. I would follow her expert care anywhere.
Amanda is a wife and mother of a military family who is always on the go. She saw the night-and-day difference between a doctor practicing in the traditional system vs. the DPC model.
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Andy from Massachusetts, 40Read more
Everybody has been told their whole lives that they must rely on health insurance, and that’s the only way to get a doctor. There are more choices out there. Direct primary care changed the way I think about my health and the healthcare system.
Andy is a family man with 3 kids and realized there are more affordable choices for doctors outside of health insurance. After finding direct primary care, he's not going back.
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Dawn from Florida, 54Read more
My job is to guide people on selecting a health insurance plan, but I also remind them that health insurance and health care are not the same thing. My health care is direct primary care. It’s great and affordable for everybody.
Dawn is a health insurance agent who doesn’t have health insurance. She’s a busy mother of two and the affordability and accessibility of DPC fits perfectly into her family’s life.
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Cheri from Texas, 36Read more
I had to pay out of pocket for pretty much everything. What’s the point? That’s why I use direct primary care. It’s actually real health care that’s reliable.
Cheri switched to direct primary care after realizing that she was continuously paying out-of-pocket in her $3500 high deductible plan.
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Sebby from Louisiana, 30Read more
As a surgeon, my schedule is not like an 8-to-5 job where I can take an hour off in the middle of the day to go to the doctor. I love that I can see my DPC doctor on a schedule that works for me.
Sebby is a resident physician who first learned about direct primary care during medical school. He uses DPC to balance his high-deductible health plan and his busy schedule.
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Dutch from Florida, 52Read more
I’ve actually become more pro-active in monitoring my health because of the ease of getting an appointment, and the general relationship and confidence we have developed.
Dutch is a writer and former first responder with chronic respiratory issues. He found a DPC doctor in Florida after realizing there was a “difference between health insurance and health care.”
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