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Get personalized and holistic weight loss management with an experienced doctor, available both in-person and remote.

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The neighborhood doctor is back

No more long waits and 5-minute appointments. Find a local direct primary care doctor who will build a personalized and holistic clinical plan to help you lose weight. Your plan may incorporate medications, coaching, lifestyle and diet changes, and clinical steps to treat any underlying conditions affecting your weight.

No rushed appointments
30 to 60 minute visits with your doctor

Get in-depth consultations with a doctor who knows you well, and has the time to listen and help you manage your health.

Personalized care
Holistic plans designed specifically for you

Your doctor will personalize your treatment plan to your goals with medications, coaching, lifestyle changes, and more.

Transparent pricing
One single monthly membership payment

No additional co-pays or deductibles to worry about. Visit, call, and even text your doctor without a fear of surprise bills.

Just you & your doctor

We believe a strong patient-doctor relationship is the key to great care. So we've created a simpler approach that puts you right at the center. Meet a local doctor and work closely with them to find a personalized and holistic solution for all of your health care needs.

1) Find a doctor

We'll pair you with a local doctor who can support you. Meet them before joining, free of charge.

2) Create care plan

Partner with your doctor on a holistic plan based on your medical history, diagnostics, and goals.

3) Work with your doctor

Your program includes unlimited check-ins with your doctor in-person, video, phone, or even text.

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